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Breakthru® Wetting Agent


Trisiloxane based Wetting Agents

While all wetting agents have the ability to decrease surface tension, silicone wetting agents stand out in their ability to do so at concentrations between 0.02 to 0.15 wt%. Some of them also cause super spreading of the spray solutions whereas others – designed solely to reduce surface tension – behave as penetrants. For highperformance applications, our organomodified siloxanes are perfectly suited to meet varying requirements.

Owing to their ultra low static surface tensions, trisiloxane surfactants can provide superior spray coverage and are unique among surfactants in their ability to impart phenomenal spreading characteristics to formulations. These products can also be instrumental in enabling stomatal flooding and cuticular penetration. These surfactants can decrease the spray volume required for a particular pesticide application, allow for better targeting, and increase pesticide up-take.


NH Blue - Blue coloured spray marker aesthetically more acceptable in sporting situations.


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