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A primary goal at Grigg Brothers is to combine the best quality products and top agronomic support to create and provide value to our clients. All agronomic solutions, product recommendations, and programs specific to turfgrass fertility and integrated pest management are based on nutritional science and environmental awareness. We intend to educate and provide additional tools, in the form of science based technologies, for present and future managers of turfgrass.


Vision Statement:

  • Nutritional science and environmental awareness will drive all agronomic solutions, product recommendations, and programs specific to plant fertility and integrated pest management.
  • We will educate and provide additional tools of science based technologies.
  • We will have the best independent agronomic research program of any fertilizer company in the business with an emphasis on field testing to aid in the development of high quality products.
  • We will diversify and bring new pertinent and proven technologies to the green industries.


Core Values:

Build on the founding principles of the original Grigg Brothers Company founded in 1938: Integrity & Honesty.

  • Provide science based top quality products.
  • Never make unsubstantiated claims.
  • Provide agronomic solutions and support.
  • Be a company that is environmentally aware.


Liquid Fertilizers

18-3-4+Iron Gary’s Green info
8-0-4+10% Ca+Si+B Sili-Kal B info
5-0-3+2% Fe & micros Ultraplex info
13-2-3+iron Gary’s Green Ultra info
13-7-18 & 14% phosphite P-K Plus info
1-0-14+micros+Si Tuff Turf info
12-0-0+5% Fe+Mu&Zu Amino Iron info
Carboplex 6-4-4 info
Nutra Green 5-10-5+Iron info
1-0-26 Fairphyte info


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