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pH Plus

pH Plus is a fast acting, liquid alternative to dolomite lime for the treatment of acidic soil. It readily increase soil pH and calcium level and is easy to apply than granular dolomite lime.

Active Ingredient : Dolomite Lime


Calcitic Lime

The role of Calcitic Lime to adjust soil pH in active areas such as tees and greens, where magnesium levels are adequate. Highly solution for effective action and a good source of calcium for root growth, stress tolerance for and counteracting certain toxic levels. This product is non-corrosive, nontoxic, does not burn and is safe around humans and animals.




Gysum is used to loosens heavy clay soils to enhance soil porosity by improving on the soil structure. This soil amendment also supply secondary vital nutrients such as calcium and sulfur to the soil to counteracts winter salts damage. Gentle-acting, noncaustic, nonburning, nontoxic. Dust free and easy spreading.


Dolomite Lime (Pelletise)

Uniform pellet sizing for effective action in correcting or maintaining proper soil pH levels. Supplies secondary elements Calcium and Magnesium, essential for successful turf growth. Low dust, non-Corrosive, nontoxic, does not burn and is safe to use in the presence of humans and animals.

Dolomite Lime (Agriculture Grade)

Agricultural lime is a soil additive made from pulverised limestone. The main active ingredient is calcium carbonate. Lime helps increase the pH of acidic soil, provide a good source of calcium for plants and improve water penetration for acidic soil.


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