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Zeolites have a rigid, 3-dimensional crystalline structure (similar to a honeycomb) consisting of a network of interconnected tunnels and cages.Porous zeolite is host to water molecules and ions of potassium and calcium, as well as a variety of other positively charged ions.

Zeolites have high CEC's, arising during the formation of the zeolite from the substitution of an aluminum ion for a silicon ion in a portion of the silicate framework. Zeolite is a naturally occurring porous mineral. Extremely high cation exchange capacity compared to peat, other organic matter and soil amendments.


Zeolite will reduce compaction, increase moisture and nutrient retention, as well as improve turf grass quality when compared to existing soils and/or sand alone, or a sand/peat mixture. Zeolite offers more benefits than other soil amendments at 1/2 to 2/3rds the cost.


Available Size : Chip, Rock Chip, Powder, granular.


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