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SkyScan lightning detector


The basis of SkyScan’s new and patented technology is the unique way it samples and analyzes selected pairs of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum of a lightning stroke. It then applies this information to determine the distance of each lightning stroke. The strength and uniqueness of the SkyScan technology is that it allows a tremendous amount of information to be extracted and analyzed by a relatively simple hardware system.


The simplicity of the hardware is made possible by the proprietary patented software, which performs the analysis of the incoming information. The reliance on software, rather than on hardware, also allows the all SkyScan systems to be extremely intelligent with regard to eliminating false triggering while displaying several different types of important information back to the user.


All of SkyScan’s Models are accurate to within 1 to 2 miles 97% of the time. The most important advantages of using any of the SkyScan Lightning Detector Models is that the user can detect a thunderstorm as far away as 40 miles.


This gives the user approximately 30 to 60 minutes of warning as the average storm in most countries travels at approximately 25 miles an hour. All SkyScan lightning detectors have colour coded LED range lights (0-3, 3-8, 8-20 and 20-40 miles) allowing the user to easily tell if the storm is moving towards, away, or parallel to their location. Each time the SkyScan unit detects a lightning strike within one of the ranges, the unit will display a rising column of lights for three seconds with each stroke. For example, if it detects a strike in the 3-8 mile range, the 20-40, 8-20 and the 3-8 lights would illuminate for three seconds. The 3-8 mile LED would then blink for 60 seconds telling the user where the closest lightning strike had been within the past minute.


The unit will continue to monitor the storm so that each time the unit sees a lightning stroke, the LED’s would continue to illuminate for three seconds. It also incorporates an audible tone that the user can either have “On” or “Off”, and if “On”, the user can set the range where the tone will sound.

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